Improvement of diagnostics by innovative new tools for field applications has been one of the main motivators throughout my career. An area for which I have more than ten years of practical experience from the field, combined with a strong academic know-how. Among others…

Principal Scientific Assistant
EDQM, Council of Europe – Conseil de l’Europe



Consultant Laboratories


International Clinical Laboratories, Addis Ababa. Setting up molecular diagnostic laboratory, implementing assays, performing research, training, advice on quality control and marketing.

         Maranque Plants, Bisk’ Alo Shet’, Ethiopia.

Integrated Pest Management in horticulture. Setting up laboratory and production facility for biological pest control.


Logo Rijnstate

Rijnstate Hospital, Velp. Responsible for the clinical molecular diagnostic laboratory: development, validation and quality assurance of multiplex real-time PCR assays for the detection of infectious diseases. Other responsibilities include general management, troubleshooting, consultancy on molecular diagnostic analyses, supervision of BSc students and lab-automation.


Leiden University Medical Centre. Development and assessment of diagnostic approach using multiplex real-time PCR for the routine clinical diagnosis and epidemiology of intestinal parasites. Other responsibilities included teaching, support parasite diagnostic reference lab and supervision of MSc students and guest researchers.


Médecins Sans Frontières. As a response on an outbreak of sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis) a large-scale eradication program was implemented. My responsibilities included supervision, management of the screening activities and data-collection for epidemiological research. At the central hospital I trained lab-technicians to improve their technical skills. The sleeping sickness outbreak was contained. (6 months, Congo-Brazzaville)

Tuberculosis programs: Setting up tuberculosis diagnostics in health clinics and assisting a quality reference in the hospital. My activities included training of staff on DOTS tuberculosis control strategy and on proper lab procedures for the detection of tuberculosis. Setting up a quality control system for both malaria and tuberculosis microscopy. Safeguard appropriate lab registration and waste management. (8 months, Uzbekistan, Ingushetia/Chechnya, Afghanistan)

MSF awareness and educational campaign. At a later stage, lectures at public schools were included. (6 months, The Netherlands)