About Me

First time I came in contact with parasitic diseases was in Afghanistan. Beside the devastating epidemic of tuberculosis, the local population was plagued by malaria.

A totally different setting was along the river Congo. What I encountered there was nothing I had seen before. Hemorrhagic fevers, sleeping sickness, microfilaria and many other plagues.


Since my experience in the jungle, I have dedicated myself to the study of parasites. This has led to a doctors degree on the subject of intestinal parasitic infections and schistosomiasis.

Today I focus on the development of new robust rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases, an area for which I have more than ten years of practical experience from the field, combined with a strong academic know-how.


  • Graphical Design
  • Statistical data-analysis
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Molecular typing
  • Medical humanitarian intervention
  • and Parasitology.

Download my Resume (pdf): 150302 resume RtH

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