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Driving in Addis II

Besides driving your own car through Addis Ababa, there other means of transportation. There are plenty of taxi’s, but they are bloody expensive. A drive of 15 minutes to the airport and they charge 350 ETB (15 euro’s). Taxi’s in New York are less expensive!

The other option are the mini-taxi’s. They charge only a few birr. But how to find out which mini-taxi will take you to the place you need to be? On Twitter I came across a map for mini-taxi’s in Addis Abeba. Unfortunately, the resolution is very low. It has been designed by W. Wigerske & N. Salamanek, if I distinguish there names right.

Because I have guests who like to explore the city by local transport, I re-designed the map. It can be downloaded here:


Minibus addis plan


The distances between the mini-taxi stops are not in relation with the actual distances. Therefor, another detailed map of Addis Ababa might be helpful:

Map Addis

This map has been put together with screen-shots from the OpenStreetMap site. For Addis Abeba, it’s more detailed compared to Google maps.

If you have any comments on the mini-taxi map or if you would like to receive the original files, let me know.

Paternity testing in Addis Abeba

Presentation on paternity testing using equipment available at International Clinical Laboratories and at the Black Lion Hospital, Addis Abeba.